Skitch is a camera.

Huh? Let me explain.

Someone asked why Chris Messina posts screenshots. While his thoughtful explanation makes sense, it can be stated simpler:

Skitch & MySkitch.com are the Speed Graphic camera & the AP Newsire of the web software revolution.

– me, right now

By bringing instant proof – seeing is believing – to user experience (UX) design through shareable screenshots, Skitch accelerates design, development, and debugging by letting anyone “see what I see”. It ends the classic, “it works on my machine” defense that so frustrates users + testers.

Skitch delivers bare-metal authenticity, reliability, and immediate, frictionless distribution – just like the rugged press camera whose images filled the AP’s feeds. Tonight I used Skitch’s awesome workflow to eliminate the “it works on my machine” QA shuffle, cut through to the right developers, and get a bug in someone else’s app fixed in under 15 minutes. Good evening.