“Your Business Card Sucks!”

“Don’t let not having the tools be your trepidation!” — The Business Card Guy, at your fingertips.

Prank calls will never be the same again.


Your Business Card Sucks - The Soundboard

Internet nerds will be familiar with the classic “Business Card Guy” video, a bizarre Youtube cult classic of a motivational speaker- type guy berating some bozos about the low quality of their business cards, and the high quality of his own ridiculously glossy business card.

Business Card Guy

Now the best quotes from this internet classic video are yours, for free, and are just a click away, for all your prank-calling and office hijinks needs. Introducing:

The HTML5 Soundboard for the Business Card Guy

HTML5 is pimp


Check it out, share it with friends, amaze your mom, baffle your dog: 

The HTML5 Business Card Guy Soundboard

If you haven’t seen the original video, you can watch it here:


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