Had a great time last night at Ignite: Lean Startup, a collection of speed presentations patterned after the Pecha-Kucha style in San Francisco, organized by Eric Ries

Everyone did a great job. Public speaking scares most people, and timing your presentation to slides that auto-advance is tough. These were the best of the bunch:

Gleb Budman (@GlebBudman) from Backblaze

backblaze server

Gleb shared an awesome walkthrough of how Backblaze created a 70 TB server in a plywood box.

Jess Lee (@jesskah) from Polyvore

alt text

Jess gave a great talk on agile product development using “Fake Doors”, a technique that we also use at 140 Proof to evaluate demand for a feature before building it.

Shivani Khanna (@sk_shivani) from Fliptoast


Shivani gave an inspired, funny talk about the advantages of being lean without a full dev team.

Paul Howe (@phdc), from BlueSpark


Paul shared an awesome example of lean startup prototyping using GreaseMonkey, which is a favorite trick of mine.