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Design Hacks

As a software engineer, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside great visual and UX designers for nearly 10 years of my life. Under pressure of shipping many sites + apps, I’ve studied how great designers work. I’ve hired and mentored leaders in the design field, and borrowed many of their tricks and tools, tweaking them to incorporate what I know about building web apps. This class is the first edition in my sharing those hacks.

Design is no mysterious black art that requires loving Helvetica and smoking a lot. Design is something you do, not something you are, and everyone, even straight up command-line nerds like us, can learn it, at least well enough to bang out some decent looking version-ones. Time to get serious.

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Design Hacks at General Assembly, the first rapid-fire design course taught for engineers, by an engineer.

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Why do Tumblr, AirBnB, and Path cause so much excitement?

Why did Facebook buy Instagram, Daytum, and Gowalla?

Why did the iPhone win?


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