extremely wavy podcasts that lit up my brain or some other body part in 2018

Podcasts are an extremely cheap form of self-care if you have a smart phone and an internet connection. They can liven up your commute, make you laugh while changing a diaper, or be a sense of community you might be missing on a soulless commute.

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 👩🏻 : women = featured guest +/or host

inspiring people + stories

  1. A call for kindness in open source (The Changelog, #318)
  2. 👩🏻 Track your life w/S. African naturalist hosts Boyd + Bronwyn Varty (Invest Like the Best, #99)
  3. Hawaiian congressman, millennial dad Kaniela Ing (Chapo Trap House)
  4. Freeing the Hostages (Waking Up with Sam Harris, #132)
  5. 👩🏻Clear Out What Needs To Go with designer/artist Sarah Gottesdiener (Keeping Shop, #52) related: 👩🏻“Making It” — Creative Success (Ideal Futures, #9)

change we can believe in

  1. Addiction, Depression, and a Meaningful Life (Waking Up with Sam Harris, #142)
  2. 👩🏻Should we… Be Independent? (Should We #38)
  3. Creating Community with founder Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt (Indie Hackers, #67)
  4. Marx and the Boss Baby, with Professor Richard Wolff (Chapo Trap House, #186)
  5. 👩🏻Kill All Nermals with writer Angela Nagle (Chapo Trap House #117)


  1. Armenian Beach: the LA Streetcar Conspiracy with comedian James Adomian (Left Coast #25)
  2. 👩🏻Who Invented Titty Fucking?, with comedian Ayanna Dookie (Guys We F****d)
  3. Conservative Boycotts (Report This Post, #2)
  4. No Country For Gorilla Men with author Matt Taibbi (Chapo Trap House #77)
  5. Thick Yoda (Your Kickstarter Sucks #YKS, #75)