This page is heavily under construction.

It’s available here as a work-in-progress only — projects are missing documentation


    confrontational filmmaking in Detroit

  2. Bet Your Followers

    game mechanics, social currency, incentives, and design

  3. Ad Campaigns control panel

    separate knowledge from noise


    A/V assult

  5. Dashboard design

    Zivity models dashboard, 140 Proof dashboards

  6. Design for Hackers

    a General Assembly class I taught once. best forgotten.

  7. Feed Me Links

    Prehistoric Social Bookmarking Website + Browser Extension

  8. Hack Pack

    inspirational hacker cards featuring 52 queens of the keyboard, printed by USPCC

  9. Haunted Oscilloscope

    an interactive experience


    ancient homepage iterations from the deep past

  11. Location Drift

    observed social location skew

  12. Loft Design

    crowd-sourced interior architecture design project

  13. Ruby's wall

    minimalist nursery

  14. Moss Contours

    indoor/outdoor living micro-architecture

  15. Startup Shwag

    t-shirts and gear from the world's most well-merched startup

  16. Name-Combinator

    domain name brainstorming aid

  17. New Cru

    geosynchronous terroir hacking

  18. Hybrid Designer Developer

    a North American Guide to Hybrids talk from Pecha Kucha

  19. Photo Studio bootcamp

    immersive photographer training session

  20. Pivoting is Evolving

    talk from the Center for Entrepreneurship

  21. PXL-2000 / Pixelvision

    retro toy filmery

  22. Rituals

    guerilla film exhibition

  23. Hack Deploy Scale

    technical speaker series

  24. Top Fans

    game mechanics with phife dawg

  25. Video Jockey

    live show, digital control, video mixing hardware + software patch

  26. Visual Audience Creator

    mapping the physics of interest

  27. War of the Roses

    digital goods gifting app

  28. Zivity

    digital royalty micropayments, game mechanics, photography, design