• Macromedia Moves Into Organic's Old Space

    “San Francisco – Macromedia moves into Organic Inc’s old SOMA space”

  • Zync - a New Way NOT to Advance the State of the Art

    Yahoo Fail

  • Motion and Sound Enter the Swamp (with British accent in tow)

  • Who Rocks? Rogue Amoeba Rocks.


  • Your bus is here.

    bus tracker

  • Stand-out Developer Programs

    In a previous life I did a lot of coding and extending other people’s code, which means i spent a lot of time communicating with entities who generate code: from partner companies with APIs, to vendors with proprietary libraries, to distributed open source projects whose work we mangled and remixed. Every entity has a philosophy about how they treat developers. And believe me: as a developer, whether that philosophy is stated publicly or not, you know right away how someone feels about you using their code; for example, sometimes no answer can speak louder than words – most people will interpret silence as, “we don’t care about your issue”. As David Carson famously said, “You can’t not communicate” (meaning everything you do sends a message). Without further ado, here is a short listing of some good, bad, and indifferent developer programs, with short notes on each. They might help you in building or refining your own developer outreach effort.

  • Do you need a .mobi domain?

    This post from Mike Rowehl (@MikeR) on mobile search, .mobi domains, and findability confirms what I and other mobile nerds have been saying:

  • Yelp on Wheels, 2.0

    Waiters on Wheels provides online ordering for restaurants without the time to make create their own websites. Last night at SuperHappyDevHouse while catching up with hacker friends and generally nerding out, I finished version 2 of my Yelp on Wheels! mashup. Installing this will add Yelp’s community “star” ratings to the Waiters on Wheels listings (via AJAX magic), so you can choose your delivery food by Yelp’s trusted ratings. Check it out.

  • Glossdeck, A New Presentation Theme for S5

    El Jobso

  • The Only Ten Things to Know About CSS

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